Legacy’s Learning Academy Advisory Board membership shall be appointed annually by the Board of Directors and Program Director.


  • Margaret Mitchell – Director
  • Dr. Kelvin E. Turner – Chairman
  • Nicolle Hardy – Treasurer
  • Rosa Wells-Garris – Secretary
  • Bessie Tatum
  • Marsha Goodman
  • Daryl Clark
  • Bethany Britt
  • Terrilyn Williams
  • Mr. Isaac Askew
  • Dr. Linda Hayden

The purpose of the Advisory Board will be to develop policies and guidelines to:

Make recommendations to the Child Care Director regarding the operation of programs and activities.

Make recommendations for a developmentally appropriate program and related activities in accordance with policies of the Virginia Department of Family and Children’s Services.

Make recommendations regarding protocols for the operation of the Child Care Program to serve the interests of the participating children and families.

Annually review expenditures of the Child Care Program and to make suggestions regarding expenditures it deems appropriate for the successful operation of the program.

Advisory Board members are selected by the Director to include current and past professionals in the field, teaching staff, &/or a parent member. Terms for all members, except the Director, shall be annual terms. The Advisory Board shall meet four times each year. The meetings shall occur in July, October, February, and May of each year. The meeting agenda shall be developed by the Director. Any member of the Advisory Board may add to the agenda at the time of the quarterly meeting.

Assist with fundraising, grant writing, and special programs to obtain funds and equipment needed for optimal programming.

Assist with developing policy, procedures, and record keeping.

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