Information Technology Specialist

General Function:

Works under the supervision of the Director of Legacy Learning Academy to review user requirements, procedures and problems to improve existing systems, and address computer system capabilities, workflow, and scheduling limitations. This specialist will spend much of his/her time interacting with computers, making decisions, solving problems and processing information.

Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Expanding or modifying IT system to serve new purposes or improve workflow 
  • Testing, maintaining, and monitoring computer programs and systems.  Coordinating the installation of LICENSE computer programs and systems.
  • Training and providing staff and users with assistance solving computer related problems.
  • Ensuring the security of computer systems and protecting sensitive and proprietary business information such passwords, site licenses etc.
  • Inventory of all technology (current and recycled)

Needed Skills and Education: Information technology specialists spend much of their time interacting with computers, making decisions and solving problems, and processing information. Important skills include critical thinking, reading comprehension, systems analysis, and attention to detail. Depending on the level of responsibility, an information technology specialist needs at least an associate degree from a community college or technical institute, along with continuing education and on-the-job training. For more technically complex IT careers  four-year and graduate degrees are preferred. 

Assessment of Position:

  • Individual performance to job description. 
  • Leadership abilities and qualities.
  • Fiscal responsibility to company and projects. 
  •  Service Excellence/internal customers. 

Hours/Salary: $ 400.00 monthly

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